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Omaggio a Bruno Munari

Riflessioni sul nome Amadeo Modigliani

Sonata: A Walk to the Mysterious Woods — For guitar solo

Quadri Morandi — for solo guitar

Northern Spells — For solo guitar

Poems from a Forest / Metsärunoja — Soprano/piano

Landscapes — Voice/piano

Hymnos — Alto flute

Of Winter… / Talvesta… — Soprano/piano

Suita Piccola “Aapasuo” — Double bass

Tarantula – Sonata for Kantele

The Tale of Astopho on the Moon (Capriccio) — Violin

Autumn Sonnet / Syyssonetti — Clarinet/piano

Epitaph / Epitafi — Violoncello/piano

Notturno “Uccelli della notte” — Violin/piano

Homenaje a Andres Segovia — Guitar


Atonali for Brass Quintet — Trumpet1/trumpet2/horn/trombone/tuba :Score

Mist Hobgoblin / Usvanhaltija — Bass clarinet

Night Shadows / Y — For two guitars

Poems from Standstill Time and Silence

Sea Poems / Merirunoja — Middle voice/guitar

Waves of Sorrow — Viola or violoncello

Winter Sonnet / Talvisonetti — Violoncello/clarinet

Elegy for Agatha (B. Britten In Memoriam) — Oboe

Hymnos – Flute

Unen maasta (From the Land of Dream)

Sigma – Trombone

Vicoli in Ombra

Images of Fear

If on a Winter´s Night…

Sävellyksiä kanteleelle

Throught Shadows I can hear Ancient Voices…

Urkuteoksia – Works for Organ

I can hear Northern Lights…

Towards the Light

Gestures of Winter

Reflecting Landscapes

In der Winterzeit

Frammenti dal Buio

Le Tombeau de Darius Milhaud

Le Tombeau d´Albert Roussel


The smile of the Flamboyant Wings

Shades Around Stonehenge

Elegy for Philip Milton Roth


Hymnos 2

Canti Notturnali

The Temple


Fragmentos de la vida…

Acquarelli della Notte

Night Sonata

Fragmental Reflections

Time around Autumn

Il viaggio del Cavaliere