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Kai Nieminen (b. 17.3.1953) is a Finnish composer who cannot be classified under any particular school or style. Traces of impressionism, neo-romanticism and, fleetingly, even expressionism may be detected in his basically atonal music, and if necessary he is not against using devices of even more recent 20th century music. The various elements have nevertheless blended to form a homogeneous idiom and a personal style all of his own. As his closest musical soul mate and kindred spirit he mentions Japanese composer Toru Takemitsu.

Uusimmat videot

Night Shadows

The earliest works by Kai Nieminen date from the 1970s. Not surprisingly, considering his guitarist background, he first made news as a composer with extremely playable works for that instrument (such as Night Sonata(s) 1976-2006, Acquarelli della notte 1981, Homenaje a Andres Segovia 1993 and Riflessioni sul nome Amedeo Modigliani 2011), but he has, from the very beginning, also composed chamber music. His output of vocal music has, on the other hand, been relatively slight..

Then in 1995 came Nieminen’s first work for orchestra, Vicoli in ombra. It gave him a considerable boost in his career and marked the dawn of a new era in his production in that orchestral works and concertos have since become his primary genres. Subsequent additions have included Time around Spring (1997), Le citta invisibili (1998), Chi Vivra Vedra (1998/2000), Time around Lights, Shadows and Spaces (1999), Il castello dei destini incrociati (2000), In Mirrors of Time… (2000/07) and In Woodlands of the Birds (2002).

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