Composer Kai Nieminen will be the President of Italian Music Composition Competition 2015.

The Italian 3rd Papa Benedetto XVI -Music Composition Competition is open for international competitiors. Kai Nieminen has been nominated as the President of the Jury.

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Nieminen's music in Vienna 2012.

Cantus Novus Wien, Chor has presented Nieminen's music in Pfarrkirche Lichtental and St. Josef.


Helsinki Brass Quintet (HBQ) has released a new CD.

On the CD, you'll find "Atonali", composed by Kai Nieminen

New CD with Nieminen's orchestral music is out by Naxos and Sinfonia Finlandia Jyväskylä.

On the CD will be found three works:

"Palomar nel giardino fantastico". A concerto for flute and orchestra.
"Through Shadows I Can Hear Ancient Voices". A concerto for clarinet and orchestra and
"Vicoli in ombra". Orchestral work.

The recording was done in the church of Laukaa by Sinfonia Finlandia Jyväskylä for the Naxos -label


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